Apollo Film Production

Nikolai Noskov

Two songs by A.Balchev performed by Nikolai Noskov

Music by A.Balchev, Text by N. Gumilev

Winter Night
Music by A. Balchev, Text by B. Pasternak

Russian Day

Cello player - Darya Lovat

Refined Vertinsky and is vulgar-charcoal "NEP". «Three criminal chords» and «The Three-cheap opera» zongs. A tango - from Peter Leshchenko to Astor Piazzolla.

Alexey Batychenko

Two songs composed and arranged by Alexey Batychenko

Live at Jazz Parking, Emporio Cafe, Moscow 27 jan 2011

Alexey Batychenko - flugelhorn, Egor Dergachev - piano,synth, Eugene Dalsky - drums, Artur Gazarov - percussion, Oleg Tarkhov - bass

Composed and arranged by Alexey Batychenko

Composed and arranged by Alexey Batychenko


"Leaving the USSR" KIPA Jazz & MIXstura

Leaving the USSR

My first endeavor into writing took place in the “Arhangesky” restaurant, not far from a museum. All the other restaurants had closed and so this was where all of Moscow's bohemia came to continue their festivities. These were some of my favorite people: Serega Bogoslovsky, Boria Hmelnitsky, Liosha Stychkin, Seva Abdulov, Vadik Milshtein, Andrey Voznesensky and other.

Galina Bregneva would show up from time to time with her entourage who would from time to time exchange writings with the KGB. Marina Vladi and Vladimir Vysotsky would sometimes show up also. All of these people were "stars" but not in the moderns sense of what we so glamorously call "celebrities" today.