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"Leaving the USSR" KIPA Jazz & MIXstura

Leaving the USSR

Sometimes “Kadet” (Misha Vishniavsky) would bring some of the General's sons and my Jazz band to the dacha. We had so much fun in the dacha... drinking with the girls, eating pasta from laundry basin…And we all fell madly in love with each other.

  • 1. A Wind
  • 2. The Emigrant Girl
  • 3. Mature Age (2 parts)
  • 4. Winters Have Names (D.Samojlov's verses)
  • 5. I Ask Chiefs
  • 6. A Hang-over in Petersburg
  • 7. Yalta
  • 8. The Prostitute
  • 9. Circus
  • 10. To the Ballerina
  • 11. Easter (verses D.Vinogradov)
  • 12. The Lieutenant (A.Borodin's verses)
  • 13. Candles Are Melted Off (verses V.Vysotsky)
Arrangement: Anatoly Balchev, Valery Sturov

«The Emigrant Girl» Vyacheslav Oganesyan

Guitar, keys, a bass: Valery Sturov
Violin: Felix Lahuti
Lip accordion: Jury Ivanov
Bek-vocal: Dimka Kuznetsov

Chorus: Sacred music Academy
The conductor: Vadim Artamonov