Apollo Film Production

London 2012

Promo clip of the film about the Olympic Games in London 2012

Director: Anatoly Balchev

Michael Shemjakin's theatre


Passenger from San-Francisco

Greek islands. A man who was peacefully reading a novel by Ivan Bunin, Russian famous writer, leaps into the ocean when he sees a five-year-old boy fall off his inflatable mattress and start to drown. The man returns the frightened but unharmed child to his mother, Natasha. As Natasha chastises the boy for swimming too far, the man is startled to hear the language of his native country. Phil switches from English to Russian as he learns that Natasha is a Moscow native who is here on business. Philip Makowsky, a Russian immigrant, who lives in America, is in Greece on a business. Natasha is a tanned, lithe elegant red head and Phil is immediately drawn to her. But what also intrigues him is Natasha's occupation. She is a Russian customs agent who is on one of the Greek islands for a conference on new drugs. Their conversation continues over dinner. Later that night Natasha is Phil's guest at a lively party of the Russian émigré beau monde. As Phil makes the introductions, we discover that he is being closely watched…


Olympic heat

Documentary film "Olympic heat"
Autors: Evgenij Bogatyrev, Gennadij Shvec
Director: Anatoly Balchev
Producer: Gennadij Shvec
Winner II International Festival of Sport Movies "Atlas" 2005
International Festival of Sport Movies Krasnogorski 2006 "Mention Award"

"Passenger" from San-Francisco

APOLLO-FILM PRODUCTION (L.A.-Moscow) have launched a $2.5-min full-lenght feature detective drama "PASSENGER" FROM SAN-FRANCISCO.