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Vladimir Vysotsky. Ships

Vladimir Vysotsky. "Ships" Kipa

Album "Arkhangelsk".

"Unknown" V. Vysotsky

In the middle of 70's, in Matveyevskoye, at Vysotsky's apartment he rented together with Marina Vlady, I‘ve heard his new record with an instrumental ensemble.

A week later, these songs has already sounded in the famous "Archangelsoye", where I tried to interpret the "Moskva-Odessa", "Feet in the oil," "Horses ..." in my own way.

- Look, they already sing ur songs , - said Marina - and will sing, even if you don‘t release the album.

But the record appeared ... five years later.


"Arkhangelskoe" KIPA Jazz

Arkhangelskoye ... Someone takes it as the place, another one takes it as  the period of life or just chilling time...And for me, Arhangelskoye is the first throes of creation, the first court of the  connoisseurs of art, the recognized authority, who subsequently became my friends ... 

Some of them emigrated,so the sound of  Arkhangelskoye‘s «Slavyanka» followed them, other one connected their fates together and settled near the domestic hearth - " Archangelskoye‘s Mendelssohn“ sounded for them.  And here was taken place an attempt to create an unusual environment around the «interesting» people to me. 
No ordinary conception was a result of it: The informal (for that period of time ) "underground" night club was born - the atmosphere of unity of the most various souls.  
At the same time were invented my imperishable musical opus, which was provoked of the bright (i won’t be afraid of this word) personality of our time.



Video clip on a song "A Wind"from album "Leaving the USSR"



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