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"Unknown" V. Vysotsky

We had time - to visit the God
There are no delays ...

This verses could be heard already from every open window ...

Once I asked Volodya to advise me a poems, something from the poets of the «Silver Age». He entered the room and brought a sheet:

- But, this is not the "silver age" ...

I recognized his handwriting.

- Usually I don't give my poems. But ... Try it...

Thus, was born the song "suicide attempt" and it was adopted with the minor amendments of the "chairman artistic council" - Vladimir Vysotsky.

A. Balchev
  • 1. Ah, where do I get the gross manners ... (A. Balchev, V. Vysotsky
  • 2. My black man in a gray suit ... (A. Balchev, V. Vysotsky)
  • 3. The hem starched collar ... (Suicide attempt) (A. Balchev, Vladimir Vysotsky, the epigraph S. Chudakova)
  • 4. About the end of the war (V. Vysotsky)
  • 5. Hamlet (A. Balchev, L. Likhodeev)
  • 6. Lyric (the paws of the firtrees ...) (V. Vysotsky)
  • 7. Dont fall into any sadness or excitement ... (The Queen of Spades) (A. Balchev, V. Vysotsky)
  • 8. I am good to girls now... (The song about women) (A. Balchev, V. Vysotsky)
  • 9. Ships (V. Vysotsky)
  • 10. Gipsy girl song for Volodya (A. Balchev - Ilya Ehrenburg, A. Balchev)
  • 11 The candles is fusing ... (A. Balchev, V. Vysotsky)
Produced by: Anatol Balchev, Anatoly Pavlichenko
Music Recording: Keepa Jazz
Arranged by: Anatoly Balchev, Valery Sturov
Designer: Maxim Urvanets
Artist: Victor Kraposhin
Artist image of St. Vladimir: Alex Kudlay
We were assisted by: Foundation of Vladimir Vysotsky, as well: Eugene Terletskii, Michael Veshnyakov, Alexander Melnikov