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Vysotsky. Unknown pages...

Genre: docudrama
Director: Anatoly Balchev
Producer: Staffan Arenberg
DOP: Nikolay Golovikhin, Oleg Kalyan
Running time: 70 minutes
Shooting locations: Russia, USA, France, Ukraine, etc.
Actors: In addition to Vysotsky’s relatives: his first wife Lyudmila Abramova, his son Nikita, Marina Vladi, Vadim Tumanov, Mikhail Shemyakin, Vsevolod Abdulov, Alexei Shturmin, the film contains the memories of people who in different situations came into contact with him in the theater, at concerts, on the set.

Description: The film is about Vladimir Visotsky’s life in Odessa. His work, his art and his passion.
At the Odessa film studio, he played the first major film roles and, most importantly, for the first time sang from the screen with his characteristic hoarse voice, which by that time had already been replicated on tape cassettes throughout the country. The Odessa period is one of the key milestones in the life and work of the poet. Here he not only revealed himself as a film actor, but also declared himself as a poet and composer, writing dozens of songs for the films of the Odessa Film Studio, for films that later became classics.

"Passenger from San Francisco" in Asian World Film Festival

In Lipetsk Sports Film Festival ended


In Lipetsk was the 10th festival of sport movie "Atlas" , which attracted a record number of participants - more than 100 films from 34 countries . Spectators acquainted with the works of artists from all five continents. Participated in the competition program of films from the USA, South Africa, New Zealand , Iran, and even from the exotic East Timor - Lena Lenzi documentary film " Always try ! ".

"The best feature film about sports" won film "More Than a Game" directed by Junaid Ahmed from South Africa on the prison football team. In the category "Best TV program" first received transmission Andrei Sergeyev "Olympics: how is it done?" On preparations for the Games in Sochi. Nomination "Sport and personality" won the "Island of luck" directed by Sergei Dolbilov (Ukraine ), about the legendary Soviet footballer Oleg Blokhin. Best in "Loyalty to the Olympic ideal" was the film Anatolia Balcheva "Team London 2012". Winner in the "Sports and Society" was painting "To reach the goal" by Polish director Beata Khizi - Kzolpinski, tells about the dog-sled race in the Arctic Circle.

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