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Anatoly Balchev

Анатолий Бальчев

Started his work as a composer. Balchev composed themes for a number of films and stage plays, Russian pop stars perform his songs, and he also released albums of his own songs.

As a director he debuted by staging on the Central Art Workers House studio a self-written play "The Poets' CafO" in 1990. In the 90s he became one of the producers of a Russian-American project "Cops in Russia", another popular version of a TV show "Cops" by "Fox Television" company. In 1998, he founded an "ApolLo Film studio". It's first project was a documentary film about the Life and art work of Mikhail Shemyakin, a prominent Russian artist, who currently resides in the USA. His next project was a film about the great Russian sportsman Ivan Yarygin. The documentary produced by the studio "the Olympic Village" dedicated to the 2004 Olympics in Athens has won numerous awards on the international sports film festivals.

Anatoly Balchev has spent a lot of time studying the American film making process. This led to the idea of Russian-American film "Passenger from San Francisco". At the moment AnatoLy has a number of completed screenplays in his portfolio which are ready to be filmed.

Elvira Bolgova

Эльвира БолговаShe could have been an ideal fairy tale actress with her thick blond hair andbig blue eyes. Unfortunately our life is not a fairy tale so her heroines are quite different; she is a strong and rational friend of the main heroine in TV Series “Desired”; she is a first year student who is testing her men under gunfire in “Twins”. Her Natasha in “Passenger from San Francisco” is strong in spite of her youth and yet she is deeply upset by the death of her beloved sister and by the divorce from her drug addicted husband.

Elvira Bolgova graduated from Shepkin Theatrical School in 1996. She has been employed by Mossovet Theatre from 1997. In 1995 Elvira debuted in her first motion picture.

She became renown after featuring in “Desired” in 2003. Today Elvira Bolgova is one of the most sought after actresses in Russia. After a big success of “My Big Armenian Wedding” the proposals from producers and directors has been rolling in.

An attractive young woman she prefers to play chess with a clever rival and spend quiet evenings with her husband Kirill and daughter Glasha. Her husband is a designer but it’s Elvira who rearranges her own apartment. She is always natural and beautiful!

Daniel Olbrihskiy

Даниель ОльбрыхскийDaniel Olbrihskiy became famous after featuring in “Ash” by Adjey Vaida and he has been a number 1 polish actor since. He featured in almost 150 movies; he is a winner of various cinema awards. His films were Oscar nominated and 1979 “Tin Drum” by Falcon Shlendorf won an Oscar as the best foreign movie.

He works in different countries – mostly in France and Germany but prefers to live in Poland. He owns a huge mansion near Warsaw. He loves horses and has many of them and we can often see him riding his own horses in different movies.

Daniel Olbrihskiy is fond of literature and he wrote 2 autobiographies and 1 book about his good Russian friend Vladimir Visotskiy. He also put together an anthology of polish erotic poetry which became popular and sold very well.

Daniel Olbrihskiy like his character in “Passenger fro San Francisco” and he thinks that his film character has a lot in common with genius Andrei Saharov, famous Russian Scientist.

Oleg Drach

Олег ДрачBorn in the USSR, he spent his youth in Ukraine. It was a hard transitional time (назовите годы) for the whole country and therefore Oleg decided to try his luck overseas - in the United States of America. He learned the language and achieved considerable success, featured in Hollywood films and on Broadway. But t he decided that he would have more opportunities as an actor in Moscow where the film making industry is booming again. Now he is spending his time traveling to and from California, Moscow and Ukraine. He is a real rolling stone cosmopolitan.

He is a tall and a very well built man with courageous face, blue eyes and blond hair. with such looks he was destined to become an actor. He has been following his destiny since he graduated from Kiev Theatre Institute in 1981. Now he is planning to direct his own films. There is a screenplay on which Oleg is going to base his film.

Oleg always says that a good film should not reflect the life the way it really is, but the way it should be. Sincerity and love for people are very important for an actor. If an actor has it the film will touch the hearts of the audience and will light up their faces.

Roy Verner

Рой ВернерRoy Verner is a delicate and multipronged actor, whose range of opportunities is utmostly diverse, from a psychological drama to a light comedy. The started acting in the early 90s, he worked successfully on television, having appeared in such TV serials as “High Tide”, “Profiler”, “Providence”, “the Invisible Man”, “Alias”, “Angel”, “CSI: Miami”, “Power Rangers Time Force” and others. His rise over Hollywood has just begun. The comedy “Loco Love” cut in 2004 with Verner starring in a leading role was a great success. The leading woman’s role was played by a popular Hollywood actress Laura Haring who has earlier appeared in an Oscar nominated “Malholland Drive” by David Lynch. In 2006, two films at a time were made with Verner. He is invited to act in films of celebrated directors from Europe, South America and China.

Roy spends his free time on his rancho not far from Los Angeles, reads books on history and conceives new projects.