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Elvira Bolgova

Эльвира БолговаShe could have been an ideal fairy tale actress with her thick blond hair andbig blue eyes. Unfortunately our life is not a fairy tale so her heroines are quite different; she is a strong and rational friend of the main heroine in TV Series “Desired”; she is a first year student who is testing her men under gunfire in “Twins”. Her Natasha in “Passenger from San Francisco” is strong in spite of her youth and yet she is deeply upset by the death of her beloved sister and by the divorce from her drug addicted husband.

Elvira Bolgova graduated from Shepkin Theatrical School in 1996. She has been employed by Mossovet Theatre from 1997. In 1995 Elvira debuted in her first motion picture.

She became renown after featuring in “Desired” in 2003. Today Elvira Bolgova is one of the most sought after actresses in Russia. After a big success of “My Big Armenian Wedding” the proposals from producers and directors has been rolling in.

An attractive young woman she prefers to play chess with a clever rival and spend quiet evenings with her husband Kirill and daughter Glasha. Her husband is a designer but it’s Elvira who rearranges her own apartment. She is always natural and beautiful!