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Oleg Drach

Олег ДрачBorn in the USSR, he spent his youth in Ukraine. It was a hard transitional time (назовите годы) for the whole country and therefore Oleg decided to try his luck overseas - in the United States of America. He learned the language and achieved considerable success, featured in Hollywood films and on Broadway. But t he decided that he would have more opportunities as an actor in Moscow where the film making industry is booming again. Now he is spending his time traveling to and from California, Moscow and Ukraine. He is a real rolling stone cosmopolitan.

He is a tall and a very well built man with courageous face, blue eyes and blond hair. with such looks he was destined to become an actor. He has been following his destiny since he graduated from Kiev Theatre Institute in 1981. Now he is planning to direct his own films. There is a screenplay on which Oleg is going to base his film.

Oleg always says that a good film should not reflect the life the way it really is, but the way it should be. Sincerity and love for people are very important for an actor. If an actor has it the film will touch the hearts of the audience and will light up their faces.

Roy Verner

Рой ВернерRoy Verner is a delicate and multipronged actor, whose range of opportunities is utmostly diverse, from a psychological drama to a light comedy. The started acting in the early 90s, he worked successfully on television, having appeared in such TV serials as “High Tide”, “Profiler”, “Providence”, “the Invisible Man”, “Alias”, “Angel”, “CSI: Miami”, “Power Rangers Time Force” and others. His rise over Hollywood has just begun. The comedy “Loco Love” cut in 2004 with Verner starring in a leading role was a great success. The leading woman’s role was played by a popular Hollywood actress Laura Haring who has earlier appeared in an Oscar nominated “Malholland Drive” by David Lynch. In 2006, two films at a time were made with Verner. He is invited to act in films of celebrated directors from Europe, South America and China.

Roy spends his free time on his rancho not far from Los Angeles, reads books on history and conceives new projects.

Valentin Smirnitskiy

Валентин СмирнитскийValentin Smirnitskiy’s character in “Passenger from San Francisco” has a nick name “Barin”, an old Russian word for a rich man. Valentin himself is a well groomed man himself and looks like a laid back aristocrat. Indeed his ancestors were Russian noblemen. He smells of expensive tobacco. He has been smoking a pipe for 20 years and has no intention to give it up. He claims that it’s not the worst habit compared to how his artistic colleagues relax after work.

Valentin Smirnitskiy is one of the most well-known actors in Russia. He featured in more than 50 films. He is in his sixties but he looks great and he still has a lot of female fans. His fourth wife, who is 17 years his junior, is his boss at work. She manages a Moscow Moon Theater where Valentin Smirnitskiy has been working for many years. They live in perfect harmony. His wife helped him to overcome a great loss – death of his beloved son. He has a daughter, a talented artist. His wife, Linda has two daughters.

They like to get away from a big city when they have free time. They swim, play football and ride horses.

Daz Crawford

Дэз КроуфордThis handsome English-born actor has starred in several shorts films in the UK such as "Large", "Spinning Candyfloss" and had a cameo appearance in "Hot Sex & Stan", directed by David Barlia. He also played "Diesel" in the UK Gladiators. His skills include stunts, national basketball player, blue belt kung fu, qualified lifeguard, windsurfer and fitness instructor and working with children.

Sergey Manukyan

Сергей МанукянSergey Manukyan - is the first and almost the only soul musician in the whole of Russia. Sergey started playing jazz when he was 12 years old. He formed his first jazz band when he was in school. After graduating from music college he started playing in a Radio and TV jazz orchestra. His solo carrier started off in 1981 during Riga Jazz Festival where he was pronounced a jazz singer number #1 in the country. Sergey Manukyan has many TV and Music Awards. He participates in almost all jazz festivals in Russia, Poland, and Berlin etc... Warner Brothers studio invited him to collaborate with Richard Elliot in the late 80-s. Frank Zappa also used Manukyan's music in one of his projects. Sergey Manukyan often performs with the most famous musicians such as Art Farmer, Dizzy Gillespie, Yellow Jacket, Carlos Santana, George Benson, and Herby Hancock. "Passenger from San Francisco" is his first and hopefully not the last experience as an actor.

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