Apollo Film Production

Anatoly Balchev

Anatoly BalchevAnatoly Balchev, started his work as a composer. Balchev composed themes for a number of films and stage plays, Russian pop stars perform his songs, and he also released albums of his own songs.

As a director he debuted by staging on the Central Art Workers House studio a self-written play "The Poets' CafO" in 1990. In the 90s he became one of the producers of a Russian-American project "Cops in Russia", another popular version of a TV show "Cops" by "Fox Television" company. In 2002, he founded an "Apollo Film production". Its first project was a documentary film about the Life and art work of Mikhail Shemyakin, a prominent Russian artist, who currently resides in the USA. His next project was a film about the great Russian sportsman Ivan Yarygin. The documentary produced by the studio "The Olympic heat. Athens." dedicated to the 2004 Olympics in Athens has won numerous awards at international sports film festivals.

Anatoly Balchev has spent a lot of time studying the American film making process. This led to the idea of the Russian-American film "Passenger from San Francisco".
Anatoly Balchev directed a documentary film "Shukhov. The last hero of the Russian Renaissance”, “Team. London 2012”, “Vysotsky. Unknown pages..."
In 2014, he made his debut as a writer. The novel Passenger from San Francisco, The Story of Zhivago. Lara for Mr. Pasternak (2017).
At the moment Anatoly has a number of completed screenplays in his portfolio which are ready to be filmed.