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Sergey Manukyan

Сергей МанукянSergey Manukyan - is the first and almost the only soul musician in the whole of Russia. Sergey started playing jazz when he was 12 years old. He formed his first jazz band when he was in school. After graduating from music college he started playing in a Radio and TV jazz orchestra. His solo carrier started off in 1981 during Riga Jazz Festival where he was pronounced a jazz singer number #1 in the country. Sergey Manukyan has many TV and Music Awards. He participates in almost all jazz festivals in Russia, Poland, and Berlin etc... Warner Brothers studio invited him to collaborate with Richard Elliot in the late 80-s. Frank Zappa also used Manukyan's music in one of his projects. Sergey Manukyan often performs with the most famous musicians such as Art Farmer, Dizzy Gillespie, Yellow Jacket, Carlos Santana, George Benson, and Herby Hancock. "Passenger from San Francisco" is his first and hopefully not the last experience as an actor.