Apollo Film Production

Football. World history

Our story revolves around the game of football, which is popular all over the world: the UK, China, India, Russia, Qatar and South America. Both entertaining and educational, the animated project will present the birth of football in China, the formation of the game in the UK, and its history all over the world. The football language is universal. People of different political movements, social classes, and even civilizations (be that East or West) can easily find common ground on a football field.

Football is the most popular game in the world. And the animated football anthology will resonate with the biggest audience. The history of football is bright, gripping, and eventful. There can potentially be six to hundreds of episodes in the series. The interest in football is only increasing. Heroes and victories get mythological and, at times, even religious scale, allowing not only an integration of art in sports but also the presentation of sports as an art.

Today's animation can brightly show the way of football, its highs and lows, its resilience and perspectives—and not only the chronological ones, but mythological and social ones as well.

That project is acceptable for all children from 6 and up and adults alike. It's reflecting the family tradition of father, mother, grandfather, and grandchildren rooting for their favorite football teams.

Not only does this animated project teach small children the history of football, but it also allows them to learn about the world of different cultures and peoples.