Apollo Film Production

Vladimir Vysotsky. Unknown pages

The Hollywood well-known producer decided to make the film about the great Russian «bard», poet and actor - Vladimir Visotsky. He remember he met Visotsky on the villa of his famous Hollywood friend in Los-Angeles in 1978 during the performance of the this poet. Since then, he couldn’t forget the astonishment of the Russians and French songs. The producer invited the Hollywood actor (with the caliber of Deniro) to play the role of Visotsky.

During the filming of fantastic episodes of Vladimir’s life, our hero meets his circle of people (relatives, friends, etc.) and makes acquaintance with the rare film photo and video archives, which later incorporate in film.

During production, the material impresses him more and more and he doesn’t notice how he merges with the image of great Russian artist. He has to visit polar pints of world: from Argentina and Paris to Siberia. The voice and the poems of great poet stays with him everywhere.

Of cause, in our film, we will show the most interesting and incredible episodes of Vladimir’s life!

But, suddenly, our hero, who seems to be ready for everything, will be shocked by unknown event in the life of this fantastic personality (use of drugs, the treachery to wife, the conflicts with close friends and government, etc.). And sometime our hero will be completely put into the incredible events of Vladimir’s life, until the last tragic moments of Vysotsky’s life.

The mystery of Vladimir’s’s death is the mystery for everybody, but not to author of this text and some of his close friendes, who had been staying the last hours with Visotsky. And it’s possible that these last hours will be unexpected to our hero and to the viewers.