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Daniel Olbrihskiy

Даниель ОльбрыхскийDaniel Olbrihskiy became famous after featuring in “Ash” by Adjey Vaida and he has been a number 1 polish actor since. He featured in almost 150 movies; he is a winner of various cinema awards. His films were Oscar nominated and 1979 “Tin Drum” by Falcon Shlendorf won an Oscar as the best foreign movie.

He works in different countries – mostly in France and Germany but prefers to live in Poland. He owns a huge mansion near Warsaw. He loves horses and has many of them and we can often see him riding his own horses in different movies.

Daniel Olbrihskiy is fond of literature and he wrote 2 autobiographies and 1 book about his good Russian friend Vladimir Visotskiy. He also put together an anthology of polish erotic poetry which became popular and sold very well.

Daniel Olbrihskiy like his character in “Passenger fro San Francisco” and he thinks that his film character has a lot in common with genius Andrei Saharov, famous Russian Scientist.