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Valentin Smirnitskiy

Валентин СмирнитскийValentin Smirnitskiy’s character in “Passenger from San Francisco” has a nick name “Barin”, an old Russian word for a rich man. Valentin himself is a well groomed man himself and looks like a laid back aristocrat. Indeed his ancestors were Russian noblemen. He smells of expensive tobacco. He has been smoking a pipe for 20 years and has no intention to give it up. He claims that it’s not the worst habit compared to how his artistic colleagues relax after work.

Valentin Smirnitskiy is one of the most well-known actors in Russia. He featured in more than 50 films. He is in his sixties but he looks great and he still has a lot of female fans. His fourth wife, who is 17 years his junior, is his boss at work. She manages a Moscow Moon Theater where Valentin Smirnitskiy has been working for many years. They live in perfect harmony. His wife helped him to overcome a great loss – death of his beloved son. He has a daughter, a talented artist. His wife, Linda has two daughters.

They like to get away from a big city when they have free time. They swim, play football and ride horses.